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2008/09 KTM LC4 690 and RC8 1190 update...

690 Enduro, RC8 1190 and all news KTM related now Only here.

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NEC 2007: The babes are out, Charley Boorman interviewed, 250 pictures!

It's all out there now, the news from KTM, BMW, Ducati, CCM, Royal Enfield, Megelli, Triumph, Hyosung, Benelli and Vectrix. The 990 Supermoto, The Woodsman, CMX, Gorgeous Triumph show specials, 08 BMW's, Charley Boorman and a lot of babes! See it all here!


2008 KTM Duke III 690 confirmed!

Our KTM factory insider have confirmed that the Duke II replacement is due to be launched as a 2008 model. Development is ongoing and it is expected that the exhaust routing will be completely different to the 690 SM. This is a major point in how much power the 653.7cc engine can develop. It will be difficult, but we expect KTM to squeeze out another bhp or two for the new Duke III 690. As with previous Duke models the 2008 690 version will feature a small fly screen and lower seat height than the SM. Expected dry weight is 155kg and coupled with a very powerful single cylinder engine (in excess of 60bhp...) it should make for one of the most exciting single cylinder four stroke offerings on the market. Reportedly this bike can do more than 120mph which is very fast for a single cylinder motorcycle. The bike will be shown to the public at one of this autumns major motorcycle shows. By Tor Sagen/CG: Robert O'Brien



BMW VS Piaggio VS KTM or WTF? part 1

Big things are brewing in Europe. The union between countries called the European union are just small fish compared to what might happen in the motorcycling industry. KTM has been married to Polaris industries from the USA for a while. We hear of a possible separation where custody of the children are being discussed now. By June next year KTM could find itself a new partner. After Piaggio relaunched Aprilia and then launched a extensive offroad programme to threaten KTM's dominance in the offroad sector, another potential partnership have risen from the dark forests of Germany. We spotted BMW-Motorrad's Dr. Herbert Diess in close conversation with the flamboyant head of Italian beauty MV Agusta at the EICMA show in Milan last Autumn. It seems that Claudio Castiglioni and Dr. Herbert Diess had plenty to talk about. When asked for a picture the two influential characters split up straight away. Dr. Diess told me that he was afraid there could be speculations. This is the story of the beauty and the beast retold and now we have to mention this encounter in this setting. Could it really be that the maker of big and brute Boxer's fancies its chances with the petite and beautiful Husqvarna? We bet, and if not we're sure Polaris wouldn't mind a flirt after the KTM cool-down. More on this story as it develops. We have arranged interviews with all involved parties. Watch this space!



2008 World Superbike dreams 3-KTM RC8 1150

KTM on the other hand is riding into the unknown with its RC8 1150 prototypes. Currently KTM only operates two prototypes for various testing. We were told earlier this year that KTM would build the world’s most powerful V-twin engine. With the new Ducati 1098 in mind this could prove to be just hype, but the Austrians seem to know what they are doing. We don’t know that much about the specifics about the engine yet, but it is destined for World Superbike racing in the end.

KTM will most likely not race the RC8 in World Superbike 2008, but rather 2009. In 2008 KTM plans to race the bike wherever it will be allowed on national level. Current regulations will not allow the 1150 V-twin to be raced either in AMA or BSB which are the two most competitive national series in the world with world class machines and riders. So what is likely to happen is that the RC8 will be further developed in the national Superstock series in Italy and Germany in 2008.

From the summer of 2007 KTM will escalate its development process from the two prototypes to a full range of nearly production ready machines. And in the Autumn KTM will launch the bike to the press first at the EICMA show in Milan and then the dynamic ride launch immediately after. So the KTM RC8 1150 is one dream bike that can be purchased for the 2008 season. Our insiders both at KTM and Ducati confirmed exclusively to us that they are in good contact regarding the World Superbike regulations. Both KTM and Ducati have it in their interest to be allowed to race the new machines that will top both firms production range. Words: Tor Sagen/Photo: KTM


2008 KTM X-Bow, it's a car!

We heard about this car coming from KTM a little while ago. Now these are the images. It's orange and it's sporty so it must be a KTM! Well, it's not all KTM actually. The engine is a VW 2Litre from the Golf GTI and the transmission is also from VW. The engine produces 220hp, but can be upgraded to a 300hp version (same as in Audi S3). The carbon fibre monocoque frame has been developed by Italian race firm Dallara. Even though this chassis is very strong, it needs some modification to satisfy AFI regulation for racing. This have already been taken care of by mounting points for the reinforcements being ready. Dallara also provided the aerodynamic testing facilities. KTM will produce 100 units first depending on feedback from the forthcoming Geneva show. Then a 500 unit production run if demand is there. The UK is perhaps the most important market for such a car, so more than 10% of the initial production will be made with right hand drive. The suspension comes from WP and the brakes from Brembo. The price will be Euro 40.000 inclusive of VAT. Since we are motorcyclists here at Raptors & Rockets and not car drivers we obviously wanted to know what part Polaris played in this project. Polaris owns a good chunk of KTM, but the project is still very much a KTM project. All design and development was done in-house. KTM will buy back a big part of the shares owned by Polaris by next summer. The co-operation will still continue, but at a smaller scale and at a slower pace than before. Last year KTM played with a sports ATV with Polaris technology so it's not exactly the first time we see something on four wheels from KTM, but nearly. Tor Sagen  Feedback on the KTM car.



2007 KTM 990 Superduke R

The R gets radial brakes, 4 litres more fuel capacity, redesigned front, new instruments, mirrors, led rear lights, colours and graphics as well as full Euro 3 compliance. The 990 R also gets several carbon fibre parts, orange frame, CNC machined headstock, steering damper, single seat unit (only available as a single seater) and more horsepower. 


2007 KTM 990 Superduke

The standard 2007 990 Superduke (see images below) gets the radial calipers, 4 litres bigger fuel tank, new chassis details and new instruments.


2007 KTM 690 Rally replica

As expected KTM showed its new 690 Rally replica. It’s the closest thing you can get to a full works machine and perfect if you would like an adventure in the world rally championship. Best if you are a top athlete and good at navigation.



First official 2007 KTM 990 Superduke R pictures!

The R gets radial brakes, 4 litres more fuel capacity, redesigned front, new instruments, mirrors, led rear lights, colours and graphics as well as full Euro 3 compliance. The 990 R also gets several carbon fibre parts, orange frame, CNC machined headstock, steering damper, single seat unit (only available as a single seater) and more horsepower. The standard 2007 990 Superduke (see images below) gets the radial calipers, 4 litres bigger fuel tank, new chassis details and new instruments. The official pictures only differ from the ones we already had by adding radial brake calipers. TS




2007 KTM 990 Superduke range revealed

KTM launched the new 690 SM at the recent INTERMOT show, but have saved several news and details until the EICMA show in November. One of them is the new 990 Superduke and SDR (Superduke R). The R gets radial brakes, 4 litres more fuel capacity, redesigned front, new instruments, mirrors, led rear lights, colours and graphics as well as full Euro 3 compliance. The R also gets several carbon fibre parts, orange frame, CNC machined headstock, steering damper, single seat unit and more horsepower. We also expect a glimpse of the production ready RC8 1150 V-twin superbike in Milan. TS

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KTM 690 SM will be the most powerful single ever!

The new LC4 690 will be both KTMs and the worlds most powerful production single ever. Even though the new 690 SM is called 690 it only sports a 654cc engine. It is due to the name really as KTM has used all the other model names in the past. The engine is high performance and the first all new single since the LC4 was first launched in 1987. A KTM spokesperson reported that the test riders have achieved top speeds of around 200km/h during testing of the new 690 SM. The engine is reported to produce in excess of 60bhp currently. The 690 SM is the only new bike featuring the new single KTM is developing at the moment, but as soon as all noise emission issues etc are sorted it will be a natural progression to use the same engine in a new Duke III and Adventure model. 690 SM will be launched for the first time at the INTERMOT in Germany 10th October. This year KTM will spread the news over the two big International motorcycle shows in Germany and Italy (EICMA). The RC8 will not be shown until next year for a 2008 release.

Polaris and KTM: After the decision not to sell further shares in KTM to the Polaris group it is believed by some in Mattighofen that the relationship is benefiting Polaris more than KTM. So as the situation stands today the Polaris takeover would have to be a hostile one. By Tor Sagen

Victory 2007     KTM 2007     KTM 950 SM     KTM 990 Adventure

Even more spy shots has emerged of the KTM 690 SM and our secret source sent us these shots from a recent test in Hungary. Notice the double high mounted exhaust from the expected 2007 Adventure model. Because KTM will also launch a brand new 690 Adventure later this year and this exhaust was most likely designed for that model to enable it to race across rivers without water entering. It looks cool on the 690 SM too. On the pictures there are two versions, one black and one silver finished. No one makes Supermoto look as new and fresh as KTM, apart from the Aprilia SXVs and Ducati Hypermotard perhaps. Between 60-65bhp should not be far off on the power figure for the big single. As to the 690 Duke III it is rumoured to feature under belly exhaust rather than the high slung Enduro/competition version on the 690 SM. We expect real studio images and some more details from KTM soon. TS

2007 KTM 690 SM and 990 Superduke spied!

We have already told you about the new 690cc engine that will replace the current LC4 640. After this weekends dealer convention in Mattighofen it has now been confirmed. See the pictures of a wild new 690 SM supermoto with new diamond shaped front headlight and decals that takes clues from the 950 Super Enduro. The styling is very sharp and aggressive. Perfect for a top end supermotard. Up front KTM has added a single huge wavy disc. The other new bike that was presented in Austria was a redesigned 990 Superduke. The 2007 model gets radial mounted brake callipers, new instruments, slightly redesigned front cowling and a bigger fuel tank. KTM also showed a mad looking Drag racer with 990 Superduke front. We suspect that this drag racer has very little in common with the Superduke though. Perhaps there is a big thumping Victory V-twin in it? No sign of the 690 Duke III yet. See further down on the page for our 690 Duke III impression which is pretty damned good! Tor Sagen. Send your spy shots to this address.


2007/08 KTM 690 Duke III 

KTM has been testing a brand new single cylinder engine recently to replace the LC4. The latest sighting was at the rally of Sardinia. Some speculation talks about a new name of the engine as well, SC4. The new engine is a single cylinder of 654cc, but still called 690 and it is believed that KTM will use this new Euro 3 homologated engine in both the Duke II FE replacement, Adventure and Supermoto 690. So more cubes, but not necessarily too much more power. Expect a similar step as with the Adventure 950-990. KTM is no stranger to fresh and fruity design so a few design changes is due for 2007 reflected in our artists impression. Also notice the left hand drive and trellis frame that has been spotted on the rally bikes. TS/CG by: Robert O'Brien


KTM RC8 1150, more pictures just in...

It was hard work to get these images and a bit of a disappointment seeing them as they are not official pictures. Only spy-shots from the KTM factory. We heard about embargos and everything and thought these images was of a production ready bike. They are not. Check out the details for yourself and scroll down for the video of the bike being tested at Pannonia ring in Hungary. KTM promises the bike will be very powerful and we believe them. TS

2008 KTM RC8 1150, 1150cc V-twin, the most powerful twin ever!

See the links to the video that shows the RC8 being tested in Hungary below. KTM are confident that the WSB rules will change and the RC8 1150 will be launched as a 2008 model for the roads and probably ready for WSB racing as well. The engine that is being tested in Hungary is not the final version as KTM is developing a brand new 1150cc supertwin. This is exciting stuff and we just can't wait to see it and try it. 14/04 is the date where we will show you the very first official pictures of the final design of the bike. TS