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 Norge 1200 T, TL, GT & GTL press conference Milan.

Norge 1200


California Vintage

California Touring

Griso 1100

Griso 850

video 2

Breva 1100 ABS

After first riding and comparing Griso 850 and 1100 I also expected the Breva 1100 ABS to feel the same in relation to the new 850. I was wrong as Breva 1100 ABS actually has got the little extra something I felt missing in Breva 850. Apart from the fact it has got anti-block brakes, I get a much better feedback from the engine that suits this fairly bulky motorcycle better than the out of breath 850. Breva 1100 ABS features a claimed 85 bhp engine with more torque that really is needed. The two largest Breva models (850 and 1100) looks identical, but at second glance you’ll notice the gold finished cylinder tops that is the tell tale you are looking at the 1100. And on the ABS you will notice the ABS modulator ring on the right brake disc. The ABS system that has been introduced on the 2006 Breva 1100 features a two-channel system and really helps getting along with the Breva. Breva 1100 ABS is not a light weight and the suspension is soft. With much more confidence I can stop the 1100 ABS much faster and safer on these mountain roads. It gave Breva 1100 ABS the edge over the two other big Brevas and I could enjoy the riding more.

Breva 850

Moto Guzzi Breva 850 & Breva 1100 ABS-Italian whirlwind or too soft?

Breva means loosely translated “The wind that blows the poor weather away”. And it is true! When we got to sample the new Breva 850 and 1100 ABS in Mandello del Lario spring had just arrived and the sun stayed up all day! Breva is something as original as a soft naked sports tourer. There is plenty of nakeds, but Breva is different. We set sail with Breva around Lake Como in Moto Guzzi’s back yard.

Words: Tor Sagen/Photography: Milagro

 Breva 1100 has had a couple of years to establish itself in the market since Moto Guzzi was rejuvenated first by Aprilia and now by Piaggio. The Latin spirit is great. Whilst the problem child’s of other countries are left to bankruptcy rather cynically they prefer to save what’s left and build it back up again in Italy. Its passion, history and heritage mixed with Latin pride. We love it and that is why there are so many great Italian machines for us to ride. Breva 850 and 1100 ABS is the latest addition to the growing Moto Guzzi range. When first hearing news about the Breva 850 we thought the 750 had received a new engine. What really has happened is that the 1100 V90 has been used as donor for a brand new addition to the Breva range. All in all there are now four different Breva’s. Breva 750, 850, 1100 and 1100 ABS (there’s a Touring too that is an accessorised 1100). I rode all four of them, however the 750 and 1100 only for reference.

Breva 850 has received the same treatment as Griso 850 in the fact it has received the bigger engine, but with shorter stroke. Whilst the two Grisos feels very similar the three Brevas has got a more different feel to them. Even though the 850 only has a small capacity hike, compared to the 750 it feels like a completely different motorcycle. Breva 750 feels small, narrow and a bit boring. When first entering the seat of the 850 it feels like a true big bike. There is a difference in built quality as well which puts Breva 850 in a different league. Breva 850 is therefore a viable upgrade from the 750 and a milder one than going straight for the 1100. So now we know where the 850 is in comparison to its 750 little brother, or should I say sister as the rounded shapes are far from as masculine as Griso 850... Only excerpts for now.

Breva 750

Nevada Classic



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