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Moto Guzzi Griso 850 and 1100


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Moto Guzzi back with the glorious 850


Last year Moto Guzzi launched the muscle bike Griso 1100. It has been a great success in countries such as the UK whilst the Breva 1100 has done well on the continent. Both Griso and Breva have convinced Moto Guzzi that the time was right to re-introduce the 850-from the Le Mans and T3’s of the 70’s to the modern V90 Griso and Breva. On the stunning roads just outside the Moto Guzzi factory gates we got to sample the new 850’s.

Words: Tor Sagen/Photography: Milagro

It is remarkable how similar the new Griso 850 is to the Griso 1100. The only differences are shorter stroke, less power & torque, no oil cooler on the side and price. Side by side you can’t tell the difference without studying the details thoroughly. Griso 850 and Breva 850 have been introduced to close the gap between the small 750’s to the big 1100’s-but also to re-introduce the legendary 850 to Guzzistis of today. If you’re a bit older than me you might remember Le Mans 850, Eldorado, California, and T3 etc with 850cc engines. The 850 is back for good.

I rode both Griso 850 and 1100 back to back in the gorgeous backdrop around Lake Como close to the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello Del Lario. Griso 850 has got the same engine as the 1100, only shorter stroke that has reduced capacity. Griso 850 weighs the same and feels the same. So why should you even bother looking at the 877cc version if it is neither smaller nor lighter?... This is only excerpts of the full article about Griso 850.

Moto Guzzi Griso video 2

Breva 850 & 1100 ABS here.

Corruption factor: Medium, Flight to Italy on economy class, 4 star hotel in beautiful surroundings, B&B at the hotel, The best restaurants in Mandello at night, As usual loads of stressed out Italians makes it slightly difficult with conversation. Launch gift: A very nice Moto Guzzi hand knitted sweater

From Mandello del Lario... More about the Moto Guzzi bikes here.




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