Silicon Babies – A New Art Form

You can find videos of silicon babies on Youtube and a lot of information on the internet. The trend was started in 190’s and now it’s simply thriving. Silicon babies are not just toys but people are taking them as the pieces of art, which are human like.

Visit are created form the ordinary dolls. But all the paint of these dolls is removed and new paint is applied. Thin layers of new paint give a new look to these dolls. Hair are also rooted to give them a more real look. different coats of paint are required to get the real looking dolls. After one layer of paint, it can set and fixed to avoid the intermixing of paints. Air dry paints or heat set paints are usually used. Although, it depends on the type of paint, but usually seven layers of paint are applied to finish the job. Sometimes, the number of layers make exceed to twelve, because it’s all about getting perfect look.

When it comes to hair, sometimes synthetic hair are used but usually its human hair which are rooted in the heads of these silicon babies. A special felting needle is used for this purpose. To get the hair of a newborn baby, they are micro rooted instead to simply rooting. Usually hair strands are planted one by one, to get the natural look, although it can take many days to complete.

The processes of creating silicon babies is very time taking and technical. Very few people can master the skill completely, because the aim is to create a real looking baby, which is very difficult. Different artists are gaining a lot of popularity and money by mastering this skill. It can be predicted that soon this will be taught in art schools as a new subject.

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